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Beautifully understated, magically tropical and wonderfully relaxed, the only way to describe Meina and Gregg’s beach wedding.


Just imagine, walking towards the aisle, your toes in powdery white sand, you begin to hear the palm trees rustle on the gentle breeze and the waves kiss the shore. The soft aroma of the ocean and freshly picked flowers caress your senses and there he is, your groom, the man you’re about to vow to spend the rest of your life with, smiling back at you. This was the reality of our stunning bride and groom Meina and Gregg.


Our happy couple decided to say “I do” at the magnificent Grand Coral Beach Club in Playa del Carmen on a wonderfully secluded Caribbean beach. Their friends and family sat eagerly awaiting the bride under the shade of towering palms and a close family friend took his place as the ceremony officiant under an archway adorned with tropical leaves. Once Meina had made her way to join the love of her life at the front of the crowd, one of the most hilariously beautiful and fantastically personal wedding ceremonies took place. Be it from crying or laughter, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.


Once the vows had been said, laughs had been had and promises had been made, the excited wedding party left to enjoy a few cocktails while the newlyweds went for a stroll on the beach with the fantastic Button Up Photography team. After a once in a lifetime photo shoot, Meina and Gregg rejoined their guests to enjoy a delicious wedding dinner. Each table was elegantly decorated with exotic plants, palm leaves and flickering candles, bringing a little magic to this tropical beach wedding.


After dinner, the bride magically transformed into a stunning red Chinese dress and the groom opted for a slightly more comfortable outfit to throw some shapes on the dance floor. This wedding party sure knew how to party. After the customary father-daughter dance, Meina and Gregg showed off their fantastic dance moves, ending with a show-stopping finale that included shimmering fireworks and sparklers.


This tropical beach wedding went on long into the night with friends and family laughing, grooving away on the wonderfully disco-esque LED dance floor and making memories that will last a lifetime. We feel truly blessed to have been able to make Mina and Greggs dreams a reality, and give such a beautiful couple their perfect wedding.


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