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When a bride and groom tell you they want an elegant wedding that’s bright and natural but with hints of Dia de los Muertos, a wedding that’s fit for their Hollywood A-List friends but that’s also understated and relaxed, it’s a bit of a challenge… but at Mango Weddings & Events we made their very special dreams a reality. 

The afternoon before the big day, Paul and Melissa celebrated their love of the Mexican celebration; Dia de los Muertos in a wedding rehearsal like no other. Hosted in WILD Tulum, all of the staff members had their faces painted as Catrina or Sugar Skulls and the decor was all black everything, even down to the cake. After the delicious Mexican style dinner had been enjoyed and the speeches had been said, the wedding party retired to hotel La Zebra, where an excited bride to be would get ready to marry the love of her life in the morning. 

As the sun rose over the sandy white beaches of Tulum, Melissa began her preparations for the biggest day of her life. While the bridal party were donning their dresses and suits, we at Mango Weddings were busy putting the final touches to their wedding ceremony and reception space at Saasil Kantenah. Our blushing bride chose a dress that was covered head to toe in pearled beading and a long flowing vail and was complimented perfectly by the pastel colored bridesmaid dresses of her best friends. 

When Melissa appeared at the end of the aisle, there was a hush that seemed to fall over their excited guests and she made her way along the sand to where the love of her life Paul awaited her. One of the most magical aspects of this glamorous wedding was the cosmic ceremony that was carried out by a local Shaman. Our lovely couple were surrounded by blue, pink and white smoke, shell horns were blown in their honor and their closest family members expressed their love as brightly colored petals were strewn over their heads. As the unique ceremony came to an end, each of their guests picked up a personalized maraca and saluted the couple with shouts, whistles, and shakes. 

While our newlyweds were whisked off by their wedding photographer Fer Juaristi for a beach and jungle photo shoot, the wedding party retired to the cocktail reception where they enjoyed a few hors d’oeuvres and a refreshing drink. Once the sun had set, Melissa and Paul returned to the party and everyone moved into the spacious dining area.

One of the most amazing things about Saasil Kantenah as a wedding venue is their breathtaking wedding reception area. A canopy of cascading plants and sweet-smelling flowers covers the roof, while an impressive checkered black and white dance floor sits proudly in the middle. Our bride and groom further complimented this stunning space by adding dominating centerpieces filled with huge tropical leaves and orchids, natural manta placeholders and glamorous white pearlized chairs. 

After dinner, the bride and groom took to the dance floor to start their first dance. There was something so magical about watching them glide along the checkered floor under the swaying canopy of wild plants above. After the dance was over, Melissa had a little surprise for her other half. She got on stage with the magnificent six-piece live band and sang a song dedicated to him. The entire room was in awe of her angelic voice, and once she stepped down onto the dance floor, the party truly started. All of their closest friends and family took full advantage of the amazing and innovative 3D Photo Booth and danced long into the night to the infectious sounds of their private band. 

It was an absolute pleasure for everyone at Mango Weddings & Events to be able to make such a glamorous yet truly relaxed and personal wedding come to life. Melissa and Paul are two of the kindest and unique people we have ever met and we’re sure they will continue along this journey together growing closer and closer every day.


Newlyweds Paul and Melissa (Lena) Karger have always had a work hard, play hard mentality. So it’s not surprising that they bonded at the office over their mutual love of music. Paul co-owns Twin Focus Capital, where Melissa (now a real estate agent and model) worked as an assistant in client services. After realizing that they were both major fans, the duo attended Boston Calling music festival with a group of friends. It was there, amid the killer live performances, that they fell for each other.
“You learn a lot about someone when you work together— what stresses them out and how they handle pressure, how they treat others and how they balance their life. Everyone loves Paul, and I found myself falling for him hard,” says Melissa.
They dated quietly for three months before telling colleagues. Keeping things on the down-low actually strengthened their relationship, as it called for intimate date nights at home and romantic weekend getaways.
A few months after their music-driven engagement in Marrakech, which the couple had been planning for over a year, their adorable son, Paul Jagger (PJ), was born.
Melissa and Paul celebrated their relationship with stunning Tulum nuptials about a year later. One hundred and fifty guests from eight countries gathered in the bohemian beach town for the weekend extravaganza, lodging at chic hotels La Zebra, Be Tulum and Casa Malca.
“We love Tulum because it’s got a great, very chill bohemian vibe, and amazing beaches and food,” Melissa says. “It’s also relatively easy to get to, with mostly direct flights in and out of Cancun.”


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