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Destination weddings are special, and we love providing the kind of care and attention they deserve for our clients. This is true for any kind of destination wedding we plan, including a destination wedding in Cancun. 

If you’re looking for a destination wedding in Cancun, we recommend the Nizuc Resort & Spa. The Nizuc Resort & Spa is an elegant, modern getaway and wedding venue with many features and design elements that make it as worthy of getaways as it is of weddings. We consider it one of the best options available for a wedding in Cancun, and we’re always happy to help couples develop an organized and fun wedding experience that takes full advantage of what the Nizuc Resort & Spa offers.

This was the case with Jeremy and Nicole, who we’d like to highlight as an example of what a wedding in Cancun, the Nizuc Resort & Spa, as well as our wedding planning services, offers. For starters, the Nizuc Resort & Spa offers several venue options, such as the Nizuc Garden, A’kan Terrace, and the Nizuc Beach. 

For their wedding, Jeremy and Nicole opted for the Nizuc Garden. The garden is over 6,000 feet and sits next to the area’s mangroves and lagoon waters. A low stone wall backs the ceremony site, while trees and other foliage provide couples and their guests with just enough privacy for the wedding to feel intimate without being cluttered.

For the event, venue staff set everything up with careful precision, dressing the arch in arrangements of white and green and setting the chairs out in careful rows. They also took practicality into consideration. Knowing it was going to be hot, they placed a fan on either side of the guests’ seats, providing them with some relief.

This attention to detail is one reason we enjoy guiding our couples toward and helping them plan their weddings at the Nizuc Resort & Spa, but it isn’t the only one. Another is how welcoming the resort is to different types of weddings. Jeremy and Nicole are the perfect example of that since they committed to one another with a Jewish ceremony. While planning, we made sure to take this into account so Jeremy and Nicole could have the kind of wedding in Cancun they were looking for.

For their reception, they chose the Terra Nostra Terrace & Lower Deck. They arrived hand-in-hand for the event, and their arrival was celebrated with clapping and fireworks. That was only one of many highlights of their night though, something we always aim to and always do achieve for our clients. We can’t plan everything though, and we have to say Jeremy getting tossed into the air by his guests was a highlight even we didn’t expect. 

These are just some of the many experiences we love planning for our clients, whether that’s for a wedding in Cancun or somewhere else. We’re never surprised when they get the kinds of experiences they hope for though because we know the kind of work that’s gone in beforehand. Ultimately, we’re just thrilled they have such a great time. 

So, if you’re looking to plan your own wedding in Cancun or elsewhere, let us know. We’d be happy to start talking options and how to best accommodate your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.