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The Blue Venado wedding venue is one of the most popular private wedding venues in the Riviera Maya area. Among the many reasons for this are its natural beauty and modern, comfortable decor. There, guests are treated to an exquisite and exclusive beach wedding experience and a comfortable and enjoyable reception beneath the Blue Venado wedding venue’s large, multi-use palapa. 

For amenities, the Blue Venado wedding venue provides couples and their guests with first-class service, privacy, event furniture, and security. In addition, they offer brides the use of their bridal suite. This provides the bride, their family, friends, and any vendors with a relaxing and private space to get ready and have fun before the day’s events. Importantly, Blue Venado does not have a fee for external vendors, meaning a bride can get ready with the help of her vendors and without the added stress of extra charges.

This was even more important for Nicole. For her Blue Venado wedding, she would only accept the best, and we were honored to be a part of her team. We also assisted her in acquiring many of those vendors. Like her, we would also only accept the best, so we guided her toward vendors who could provide her with the highest quality products and services.

Nicole’s care extended to every other part of her Blue Venado wedding too, and we loved the fact that she was as invested in every little detail as we were. This included elements such as the cactus magnet wedding favors and customized dinner menus. It was important to her to have a flawless, beautiful event, and all her hard work resulted in a stunning wedding day from beginning to end.

Since this was a Blue Venado wedding day, the ceremony took place on the beach, complete with an exquisite ocean view. The cocktail hour also took place on the beach, complete with the same ocean view and some beautiful lounge sets. It was hot, but one of the benefits of a beachfront wedding venue is the consistent breeze. We also rented fans to help cool guests, and the bridal suite was available until the end of the event for a quick refresh.

During the cocktail hour, the bride and groom took advantage of the golden hour and captured some couple’s shots with the help of their photographer. Knowing the importance of the golden hour and the kind of photos it would produce, we prioritized this time in Nicole and Darren’s wedding plan.

The reception followed, and it was full of dancing and celebration. In part, this was due to the couple’s desire to have the gold infinity dance floor be the center of their reception. That, plus the string lights and disco balls hanging from the palapa ceiling, created the celebratory atmosphere the couple was looking for. Their guests joined them in dancing the night away, and it was a great end to a great event. The event was so great it even got published!

Seeing Nicole and Darren’s dream Blue Venado wedding brought to life is the reason we work so hard for our couples. Those special days and moments hold an incredible amount of meaning for them, and we always want to help them find the best ways to express that meaning. We’re looking forward to continuing to do the same for more couples, and we hope you can be one of them. Let us know!