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As wedding planners, Anna and Anastasia of Mango Weddings and Events are proud to say that we too support love in any form and strive to support our LGBTQ+ couples in creating the wedding day of their dreams. We get couples from all over the world wanting to get married in the Riviera Maya especially because of the inclusive marriage laws of Mexico. In fact, we not only coordinate, but we also offer officiant services as well for any couples wishing to wed in the Riviera Maya. We love that destination weddings can provide a legally recognized ceremony for couples who aren’t provided that same compassion by their homeland.

This was exactly what brought Olga and Daria to our corner of Mexico. These two beautiful brides wanted to commit their lives together and our cenote elopements provided the perfect opportunity. The cenotes ceremonies are notorious for providing an adventurous yet intimate experience for couples tying the knot. Like most of our cenote wedding ceremonies, Daria and Olga expressed amazing bridal fashion each in their own way. Adding a touch of elegance to the jungle background, the two white bridal gowns highlighted their softness and feminine natures in the rugged jungle.

Just because they chose a unique setting for their nuptials didn’t mean they couldn’t also include a more traditional wedding element as well: a unity sand ceremony. The sand ceremony, however, surpassed mere symbolism for our brides. They finally, and legally, were able to intertwine their lives in a way they weren’t permitted before.

As planners, elopements allow us to appreciate the small details even more! We love seeing the love notes and carefully selected accessories. We adored how each of their personalities shone through these selections. The bold pop of color from Olga’s red heels spoke to her vibrant soul and Daria’s muted nude heels were a little reserved but no less elegant and luxurious.

After the ceremony and a couple of wardrobe changes, Daria and Olga also took advantage of the photographic opportunities of the cenotes. While some choose to swim in their wedding attire, these two opted for casual dresses and swimwear for the romantic bridal portraits.

We recognize how lucky we are to be able to offer these services to all of our couples regardless of nationality, gender, or orientation in such a magnificent destination wedding location. We look forward to a day when all couples can celebrate their love anywhere in the world, but until then, there’s always the Riviera Maya.