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Our style is your style.  We want all of our couples to feel comfortable pursuing their dream wedding while knowing they have a dedicated, experienced team of wedding planners to help them bring it to life. So, when Katy and Justin came to us, they knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding. To make their dream a reality, we listened, clarified, and planned until they had the El Pueblito and Fairmont Mayakoba wedding they envisioned. 

That vision began with El Pueblito, which means little town. As a venue within the greater Mayakoba property, El Pueblito offers a wonderful little assortment of authentic Mexican designs, cuisine options, and areas to explore. All of this attracted Katy and Justin, but it was the chapel in El Pueblito’s center they were most drawn to.

For their El Pueblito and Fairmont Mayakoba wedding, it was essential to have a traditional religious ceremony inside a church or chapel. El Pueblito’s beautiful chapel was exactly what they were looking for, with its rows of elegant wood pews, chandeliers filling the interior with a warm glow, and religious setpieces, such as the tall cross on the back wall. The interior was so perfect Katy requested no additional decorations. We agreed and placed the florals around the outside of the tall wooden doors leading into the chapel instead.

After the ceremony and while Katy and Justin were taking more pictures together, we held a cocktail hour in El Pueblito. There was music, fun, and it served as a relaxing transition between the ceremony and the final part of the day, the Fairmont Mayakoba wedding reception. 

One of the benefits of an El Pueblito and Fairmont Mayakoba wedding is their closeness to one another. Moving from one venue to the other only requires a few minutes of walking, which is enjoyable due in part to the natural beauty of the greater Mayakoba property. As an added convenience, the bride, groom, and most of the guests were staying at Fairmont Mayakoba, meaning they could relax and refresh before the reception. 

Fairmont Mayakoba has an 11 P.M. curfew, so we planned the reception to end beforehand. Since the reception was outside, we held the dinner portion under an exterior part of the hotel that was protected from the rain. The rain did eventually come during the dancing portion of the night, but everyone was having such a great time not even that could stop them. 

To help Katy, Justin, and all their guests celebrate the end of their El Pueblito and Fairmont Mayakoba wedding, we also planned a fireworks show from a nearby building. We’ve done fireworks at sea before, but these can feel too removed from the celebration, too far away. Having the fireworks so close by made them feel like they were a part of all the festivities going on below. 

It’s our hope we get to see you enjoy the wedding of your dreams, and we are here to help make it happen! We highly recommend an El Pueblito and Fairmont Mayakoba wedding for all the reasons we mentioned above and more, and we’re ready to plan yours the way you dream of too. We look forward to hearing what your vision is.