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Planning a dream wedding can be stressful for couples. Knowing this, one of our goals is to make the planning process as stress-free as possible. For Kelli and Rob, this was especially important since they were already so busy with work. They had little time to spare, so when they entrusted us with their vision, we made a conscious effort not to overwhelm them with too many choices for their Andaz Mayakoba wedding. They appreciated this, and when they arrived in Mayakoba, they also appreciated being able to relax and enjoy their beautiful event.

One of the conveniences of an Andaz Mayakoba wedding like Kelli and Rob’s is it’s possible to hold every part of the event from the welcome party to the reception at the Andaz Mayakoba Hotel. Kelli and Rob chose this option for their Andaz Mayakoba wedding, electing to use Casa Amate and its nearby courtyard for every part of their wedding.

Choosing Casa Amate for their Andaz Mayakoba wedding, a restaurant located in the Andaz Mayakoba Hotel, was an inspired choice for more than just this reason though. Casa Amate already had all the seating needed for the reception, so this saved Kelli and Rob on their overall wedding cost. In addition, the restaurant’s refined decor lent itself to tasteful and elegant wedding photos throughout the day. 

However, due to Casa Amate’s unusual structure, we had to push one element from the reception to the welcome event. This was because Casa Amate is split into four parts: a library, dining room, living room, and bar studio. Together, these four parts were designed to emulate the home of a traveler with a passion for Latin culture. Since the reception would be split among these four areas, we elected to move all the speeches to the welcome event when everyone could be present and enjoy them together.

For their Andaz Mayakoba wedding ceremony, Kelli and Rob wanted to get married in Casa Amate’s courtyard area with a view of the lagoon. This was an inspired choice too, providing them with a bright, natural backdrop for their ceremony. This was elevated further by the bride’s desire to have baby’s breath for the floral arrangements. To bring her dream to life, we arranged baby’s breath on the wedding arch, the bridal bouquet, and down the wedding aisles.

The post-wedding cocktail hour took place on the outdoor dance floor. Afterward, everyone went into the restaurant to enjoy the reception dinner. When they were finished, they returned to the dance floor to dance as much of the night away as they could. 

Knowing Kelli, Rob, and their guests would appreciate it, we also planned some late-night food options for them, all of which featured Mexican cuisine. Pairing this with the right drinks kept the overall vibe warm, happy, and full of celebration.

In the end, getting to see Kelli and Rob enjoy their Andaz Mayakoba wedding and all these wonderful moments was more than we could have asked for. It’s always our passion to ensure our couples get to enjoy their weddings like they did, so whether they’re busy or not, we work tirelessly until the end result fits their wedding vision.

If you have such a vision, whether that’s for an Andaz Mayakoba wedding or a wedding at another venue, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know the details, and we’ll get started working right away.